Calvert County received a grant to purchase a high tunnel to be used for agricultural education in the community. The high tunnel is located at the American Chestnut Land Trust’s Double Oak Farm. The frame is assembled and irrigation is present.

Goal 1: Get the high tunnel covered and ready for early spring production. Includes amending the soil with organic material.

Goal 2: Use half of the high tunnel to produce food for vulnerable populations in the community. Although some of the focus will be on the needs of a particular food pantry, the Committee will also try to focus some production on other vulnerable groups such as youth and the elderly.

Goal 3: Use the high tunnel for community outreach and education, especially youth groups like 4-H, scouts and local schools. Assistance from Calvert County Master Gardeners and established church groups will be sought.

If you would like to participate on the Calvert County High Tunnel Committee, please contact Veronica Cristo at