The SMFC undertakes various projects that address needs/problems/issues surrounding food and farming in the region. Potential projects are analyzed to determine if they meet SMFC goals, solve a recognized and widespread need and are feasible and justified with respect to available funding, manpower, etc.

The Council has developed specific criteria to be used evaluating potential projects being addressed by Project Committees.


  • The project falls under the SMFC’s specific mission and goals
  • The project addresses a specific, legitimate need/challenge/problem
  • The need for the project is clear and documented
  • The size and scope of the need is large enough to justify action
  • The project directly addresses the need that has been identified
  • The project has a specific, focused plan of action
  • The project does not duplicate resources offered by other agencies
  • The cost (time, resources, money) justifies the outcome of the project
  • The project has at least two people committed to executing the project, one of whom is a Council member
  • If funding is needed, the necessary funds are available
  • If the project requires extensive manpower, is it likely that the project will have access to this necessary resource

For directions on how to form a Project Committee, please see our Standard Operating Procedures.

The Council welcomes input regarding needs, challenges and issues in our community specifically relating to food. Citizens who would like to bring a need/challenge/issue or  to the attention of the Council, or who would like to suggest a potential project for review are encouraged to attend a quarterly meeting or submit a message via the Contact page.