Establishing Projects and Project Committees 

Step 1: Put your project idea on the agenda at least one week before the meeting

  • Submit Part A of your SMFC Project Committee Form to the Facilitator or Chair
  • If there is enough time for your submission at the meeting, the Facilitator will send your Form out with the agenda for the meeting

Step 2: At the meeting, briefly present why the project is needed and how it meets the criteria (2 minutes)

  • After your presentation, you make a motion to establish the Project Committee
    • Only Council Members may make motions. Non-Members requesting to form Committees should identify a Council representative beforehand
  • The motion requires a second before discussion or voting can begin
  • The person making the motion must commit to serving on the committee

Step 3: After the Project Committee is approved, your committee meets independently and develops further details of the project plan. The plan must be submitted to the Council for approval (submit Part B of your SMFC Project Committee Form) to move ahead.

Step 4: After your plan is approved, you will make regular, brief progress reports to the Council. Your Committee is authorized to take any steps necessary to execute your approved plan. A motion is not required unless you need something from the Council or your plan changes substantially.

Please note: If you have already established a plan for your project, you may submit parts A & B of the SMFC Project Committee Form for approval of your Project Committee and its plan at the same time.